Good Morning Leonard

Yesterday at a frame shop in Auburn, I bought the
Beautiful Oahu Sunrise. I love the ocean and always
love the sunrise and sunset. Thank you for this Magnificent
work of art!!
Thanks to you I am able to enjoy this sunrise and feel
close to the ocean every day!!!!!
Beautiful website! If you have a 500px page, instagram or facebook please let me know. Would like to be supportive if possible.
Ps: my website
Bob McCleary(non-registered)
Love your photography and would like to follow your work. Do you have a enews letter or Facebook? Thanks bob
Freddie Condos(non-registered)
What Spectacular entries...all are my favorite...colors, action, scenery, directions, variety of nature is Outstanding. You've come a Long Way Baby and no sure you could be any better. Quite an uplifting and invigorating adventure of Beauty for this viewer.
Howard Koons(non-registered)
A very nice collection of photographs, Leonard.
We met last night in Rocklin at the reception party. Reading your "statement" on photography we had a similar occurrence. On a trip to Alaska we did a stopover in Vancouver, BC, for last minute supplies on our journey. We were only gone a short time from our van but someone had broken in and took my film camera and lenses. I had one secondary camera body in a different location which they didn't get. Further north in Canada I found a camera store and bought a lens for it. Once I got back to Auburn I went shopping for my first digital camera. I loved getting out of the darkroom and into the world of digital photography.
Keep up the good work.
Frank James(non-registered)
Beutiful photography and a very nice website!
Kitty Sullivan(non-registered)
Leonard, your pictures are beautiful!!
Michael Shannon(non-registered)
I very much enjoyed viewing your images. The pics have great detail and composition. It was a pleasure viewing them. Very nice!
Dave Foster(non-registered)
These are beautiful shots Leonard. Thanks for sharing!
Millard Lathrop(non-registered)
Hey LJ loved this presentation!!! Fantastic! Great Work! I still have the one you did several years ago. Keep up the good work...
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